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Computerized optical paint matching system = undetectable repairs

perfect auto paint matching auto painting custom colorsOur computerized optical paint matching system is unmatched in delivering undetectable repairs.

The Spies Hecker Acquire Rx spectrophotometer is the most advanced system made. The hand-held digital color-measuring device provides the opportunity for our refinishers to achieve the perfect color match quickly, reliably and efficiently. Because the technology behind the device produces such accurate color measurement, the risk of costly re-work due to a poor color match is eliminated.

Out technicians use the Acquire Rx “camera” to capture your car’s exact color is it is right now after being in the sun and elements. Then using the Speis Hecker color net system the technician develops a formula exactly matching your paint current condition using factory authorized paint. After utilizing our state of the art paint matching system you won't be able to distinguish new and existing parts when we are finished.

The spectrophotometer is placed on the vehicle near the damaged area, where it takes color readings from three patented angles. The second-generation devices also measure paint effects as well as the color. Once the device is connected to a computer, color software uses these readings to find the best matching color formula. If the color to be matched is different to the standard formula, the color matching software automatically adjusts the formula to provide refinishers the closest possible match.

Undetectable repairs- The difference you won’t notice!

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